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Interview Prep

What is a Behavioral Interview?

At Wayfair, our behavioral interviews consist of behavioral questions and scenario based questions. Behavioral Questions are specifically designed questions inspired by the core competencies against which all Wayfair employees are assessed: team building & culture, innovation & results, critical thinking, and communication & persuasion. Scenario-Based Questions are questions used to assess how candidates might operate in a real-world setting. This is oftentimes the best way to understand a candidate’s skills and experience.

What to Expect

How to Prepare

What We Are Looking For

Be prepared to provide examples of how you’ve demonstrated our core competencies through your experience. When answering, please keep in mind the SAR method (a structured way to respond to behavioral-based questions by discussion of the Situation, Action, and Result of the situation you are describing).

1. Research Wayfair (our story, our brands, our competitors, our industry, etc.)

2. Practice using the SAR method to describe the experiences on your resume

3. Prepare questions to ask your interviewers

  • Strong communication skills
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Relationship management
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Customer-centric
  • Strong business acumen
  • Exceptional problem-solving and execution skill
  • Ability to make decisions and draw conclusions in the face of ambiguity

What is a Case Study Interview?

It’s an opportunity for you to understand how we approach, analyze, and grow a category business at Wayfair. We’ll bring you a business scenario relating to a specific Wayfair category to see first hand how you tackle a problem.


What to Expect

You’ll be expected to analyze category performance, discuss which factors impact the business, and ultimately recommend implementations to grow the category and drive long-term success for the business.

How to Prepare

1. Familiarize yourself with Wayfair and our business model.

2. Brush up on e-commerce metrics: conversion, revenue, site traffic, average order value, add- to-cart rate, and margin.

3. Focus on answer-first communication – provide the answer to the question first and then provide support.

What We Are Looking For

  • Numerical and verbal reasoning.
  • Ability to calculate e-commerce growth metrics.
  • Ability to identify and measure potential risks.
  • Answer-first and structured communication.
  • Logical and strategic reasoning.
  • Strong business acumen.

What is a Technical Interview?

Technical interviews are a way of evaluating how you are able to "think on your feet” and showcase your technical and problem solving skills.

What to Expect

1. Be prepared to work through a broad, open-ended prompt that mimics a problem that the team may face in their day-to-day work.

2. You may be asked to describe your approach to the problem and walk through how you got to the solution.

3. This stage in the interview process will give us a sense of how you problem solve, and will give you a sense of what types of projects the team is working on.

How to Prepare

1. Brush up on your technical skills.

2. Refer to the job description to identify which coding languages or technical skills the team uses. At Wayfair, we use the coding language that is best to get the job done.

3. Read the Wayfair tech blog for an inside look at what the teams are working on.

4. Prepare questions for your interviewers.

What We Are Looking For

  • Array of technical skill sets
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts in non-technical terms as if you were conveying to a business stakeholder
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Ability to ask clarifying questions as needed


Ask clarifying questions and take some time to collect and organize your thoughts before answering.

Provide specific, concrete answers as opposed to broad generalizations.

Be prepared for probing questions that will encourage you to dig deeper.

Keep in mind how different metrics connect and influence each other.

Come prepared with pen and paper to take notes and complete calculations (you will be permitted to use a calculator) for your case or technical interview. *EU roles* depending on the team/role you are interviewing for, we will let you know if you are allowed to use a calculator.

Come prepared with questions for the last few minutes of the interview – we’re always happy to chat!