Campus & Early Career Programs

Tech Opportunities

Come innovate with us! At Wayfair, we leverage open-source technology to create our own platforms and engineering tools. Our technical roles will teach you our tech stack and show you how to work with real data sets, apply theoretical concepts, and run high-impact projects.

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We are hiring for the following roles:

Software Engineers use data-driven product design and an end-to-end tech stack to maintain our complex catalog of home goods. Join a high-performing team, solve complex technical problems, collaborate within an agile environment, and own a significant level of responsibility for the success of our business.

Data Scientists work closely with stakeholders to problem-solve and spotlight data-driven insights. An in-house A/B testing platform and rolling code deployments let the team see its impact on the company at large.

Data Analysts

Data Analysts at Wayfair are strong technical individuals who enjoy working with large data sets to enable self-service analytics. From analyzing customer behavior and trends to constructing SQL queries, you’ll have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology and multi-terabyte datasets.

These specific teams are hiring:

Data Scientists

Vision & Speech Platforms

Uses the latest in the research community to build algorithmic intelligence of our imagery for customers, suppliers, and in-house scientists.

Pricing Algorithms

Constructs the tools that run complex statistical models to infer optimal prices.


Uses NLP and deep learning to optimize search results, classification processes, catalog deduplication, and attribute tagging.


Optimizes return marketing spend using attribution, segmenting, and forecasting.


Uses machine learning to understand customer behavior on our B2C site and identify Wayfair Professional Program candidates.

Operations Research

Improves warehouse ops and replaces outdated software with custom-built tools as our supply chain expands.

Software Engineers

Storefront Web/Mobile App Engineering

Develops the web services and app-related experiences that provide a world-class shopping engine.

Supply Chain Engineering

Oversees a groundbreaking logistics system to help move Wayfair products from suppliers to warehouses to customers.

Ad Tech Systems & Customer Intelligence Engineering

Works on ad tech to drive growth using real-time tracking and product recommendations.

Enterprise Engineering

Builds and improves the software and tools that support business-critical operations at Wayfair.

Infrastructure/Platform Engineering

Responsible for the Wayfair website and all backend components that power production.

Catalog Systems Engineering

Owns the data and tools that create and manage product content on the site.

Data Analysts

Data Solutions Engineering

Partners with departments throughout Wayfair to create data solutions and empower data-driven decision-making.

Storefront Advanced Analytics & Insights

Develops new modeling and measurement techniques to unlock previously unrecognized opportunities within our user base and site experience, providing a world-class online experience for end users.

Open Roles:

Efficiently whiteboard collaborative initiatives, then proactively revolutionize global applications, to competently synergize robust models.

Intrinsically streamline intermandated opportunities. Phosfluorescently productize state of the art expertise, then monotonectally myocardinate long-term high-impact leadership.